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We are the premiere LSS – Life Support Systems installation company in the United States.

Aquarium filtration is not like a water treatment plant.  Aquarium Life Support Systems are an intrical part of a living system, and is fundamentally different from from all other water filtration. Water chemistry, system biology, component material, turnover rate and even tank currents are all integral to the health of the system.

Many standard water treatment components are not suited to the biological nature of aquarium LSS, or the salt laden environment. For this reason AEI only uses only the highest quality products that have stood the test of time. Only the highest quality products.



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WHAT'S IN A NAME? Cairns Aquariums new logo features the Freshwater Sawfish but most people don't realise the name is a misnomer. To start with its not technically a bony fish, its a ray, and more importantly while they spend the first three–four years in freshwater growing to about half their adult size, the juveniles and sub-adults predominantly occur in rivers and estuaries, while large mature animals tend to occur more often in coastal and offshore waters. That's why this critically endangered animal has been chosen as our logo - it represents a species from the rainforest and the reef and it is truly one of the most amazing animals to see with its weird toothed saw. Check it out in our River Monsters exhibit when we open.

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Shreveport Aquarium
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Big things are happening at Shreveport Aquarium - Check out this week's construction update to learn more about how we are laying the groundwork for our tank installation!

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Al getting it done at the new Point Defiance Aquarium in Tacoma, WA.

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Al getting it done at the new Point Defiance Aquarium in Tacoma, WA. ... See MoreSee Less

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Aquatic Exhibits InternationalGlad I'm not afraid of heights! Thanks for the pic.

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Custom Aquariums & Turn-Key Projects: Set it and forget it.

NYC Residential Spa

NYC Spa Custom Aquariums

Aquatic Exhibits International can design, manufacture and install your dream aquarium. We build one of a kind aquariums for commercial properties, offices, and private residences. If you are looking for aquarium professionals, and not television personalities we are the company for you.

If you are looking for the highest quality Saltwater Aquarium or Custom Aquarium, call Aquatic Exhibits International, Inc.  We specialize in turn-key custom acrylic aquariums.  A saltwater aquarium is a classic accent piece for adding the beauty of the ocean to any home, office or business. Our custom acrylic aquariums are not off the shelf type aquariums. Each system is built 100% custom for your project, the tank, the animals, filtration, exhibitry, architectural design, AEI will make your aquatic dream a reality.

Acrylic Windows

Basic Pool Panel

Basic Pool Panel

We specialize in acrylic procurement and installation. The aquarium window acrylic market can be difficult to navigate, therefore we provide a hassle free process so our customers can concentrate on the project as a whole. We provide the full range of acrylic window services, engineering, purchasing, installation, waterproofing, and polishing. No project is too big or too small.

Glazing Specialist for underwater windows for Zoos and Aquariums and AEI specializes in the installation of these viewing panels for aquatic and dry habitats. Whatever your project needs are, whether it’s complicated curved acrylic panels, domes or tunnels, our professional installation guarantees a watertight and leak free installation.

The Animals: Our Friends

Sea Turtle Rescue Facility

Sea Turtle Rescue Facility

AEI’s husbandry staff have procured and introduced healthy animals for hundreds of aquariums. Our staff of aquarist/biologist come from the public aquarium industry, and have extremely high standards for the transportation and health of your animals. Receiving top quality animals, and demanding proper introduction procedures are exceedingly important to us. After all, we do this for the love of the animals, and their life depends on our care.

Design & Engineering: Calculated

3D Model - P&ID

Aquatic Exhibits international has vast experience in the design and support of large aquarium projects, as well as the design of “smaller” custom aquariums (from 300 to 10,000 gallons). AEI supports all phases of aquarium design, engineering, and construction.

Consulting: Let’s talk about it.

Touch Jelly Tank

Touch Jelly Tank

We work with our clients architects and general contractors to assess the feasibility of installing their aquarium concepts. By the end of the consulting process, our clients become aquarium professionals themselves, and can easily make educated and informed decisions about their project.


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